A lot has happened

I started to work as a full time lecturer at Oulu University of Applied Sciences. I have taught courses varying from Data Analytics to web site design, Contextual Design and project courses. Had one certificate on testing too and made part of a course for that. Then I started at the new unit at OAMK which focuses Research, Development and Innovation (TKI-yksikkö).

A bit much. Also, my health due to having organ transplant and complications rising with it is currently also low and I am recovering.

About music. Now learning (as a hobby) more about different scales, microtonality, transforming between scales and other fun stuff, including historical stuff of how different modes have sculpted the evolution of music. Hopefully something will come out of this.

Reading Peter Watts’ Rifters-series, Read Echopraxia and Blindsight too. Can recommend.

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